Lunch Menus


STARTER  +  MAIN  +  DESSERT    19€00

Jerusalem artichoke and parsley roots velouté, roasted seeds

Goat's cheese mousse with mild curry, herbs and leeks

Carrots mousseline perfumed with mint, mussel's marinade

Daily starter: +1,5€ 


Stewed farm raised pork in cider and tarragon

Skreï cod fish, colombo spices, pineapple and coconut milk

         Yellow chicken "fricassée", leeks fondue and goat cheese cream

Daily main course: +2€00


French Kiwi preserved in a green tea syrup, homemade sorbet

Creamy rice pudding with lime zest and salted butter caramel

Cottage cheese cake, apples/pears compote with Sichuan pepper

Daily dessert: +1,50€